The Standard: The Bible

Everyone has STANDARDS they live by, rules of conduct, a matrix of beliefs or a series of filters that are applied to everyday life. These STANDARDS assist the person in their decision making and choices. Each person’s set of STANDARDS, whether the person is aware of them or not, reveals and or demonstrates what kind of morals and ethics they adhere too. The STANDARD that this group of truth seekers at Calvary Chapel Hillside live by is found in the BIBLE, the B-I-B-L-E. Now the BIBLE is a unique book unlike any other book in the history of the world! The claims of its authors are unique and self evident; it proclaims to hold the KEYS and TRUTHS to this life. The BIBLE is actually a portable library which contains 66 different and unique books authored by 40 different individuals yet it contains and maintains a common and specific message. The message reveals the STANDARDS based upon objective truth that reveal absolutes regarding right and wrong. Because these STANDARDS are based upon fact rather than emotion, they remain constant and unchanging unlike our culture and our emotions. Each person must determine what STANDARD(S) they live by and why. Why even have STANDARDS?! Can’t we all just live a bohemian lifestyle of self indulgence and then die? Or what of the moralist, who maintain a “good” life, isn’t that enough? One of the fundamental STANDARDS the BIBLE authors state is that their writings are inspired by GOD, that a GOD exists and that HE is perfect, without fault, pure in every possible way. Therefore if HE inspired the BIBLE then it must be without error and must always prove itself TRUE.

A Supreme Being: God

Based upon the BIBLE we at CCSS believe that there is a supreme being. A GOD in fact, THE GOD, who is unlike anyone! He is and always has been; in a word He is ETERNAL. According to the BIBLE God exists in three persons – GOD the Father, GOD the Son and GOD the Spirit; each of whom possess equally all the attributes of DEITY and the characteristics of personality. The BIBLE states in the beginning of man’s history GOD created everything that is in the world and in the heavens and that GOD created it all out of nothing! The world, all the things in the world and all the things in heavens, both in original form and today, reveal that GOD is and that GOD is awesome and glorious. Additionally the BIBLE tells us that GOD is all powerful, has all wisdom, intelligence and goodness. The Bible states that GOD is pure in all things, in fact the Bible says that GOD is perfect and there is nothing evil about Him or in Him. The BIBLE also tells us that GOD is Love. GOD loves! GOD is in love with mankind.

How To Fix Broken People: Salvation

The main reason and purpose of the message of the BIBLE is to let everyone know that GOD wants to heal and help mankind. That GOD wants to have a relationship with mankind! Originally GOD created man to be in a relationship with Him but man defied GOD, choosing to go his independent way, he rebelled against GOD and was thus alienated from God. MAN suffered the corruption of his nature, rendering him out of relationship with God. MAN caused evil to come into the world, a curse came upon mankind called SIN. This SIN separated man from GOD. The BIBLE refers to this destructive decision by Adam, the first man, as THE FALL. This took place at the beginning of human history, and all individuals since have suffered the consequences. Therefore we don’t have a relationship with GOD, a relationship that HE meant for us to have and reap the benefits of that relationship with Him; so all mankind needs to be saved from himself and the evil curse of SIN. This curse called SIN has blinded all mankind spiritually and morally, therefore mankind is in need of a new relationship with GOD. We need the saving love of GOD. We need the saving GRACE of GOD. We need GOD to restore the relationship that was enjoyed by the first MAN and WOMAN of creation.

Our Hero, Our Savior: Jesus Christ

The Bible states that JESUS the CHRIST is the eternal second Person of the Triune Godhead who was united forever with a true human nature by a miraculous conception of the Spirit of God and therefore of virgin birth. JESUS CHRIST lived a life of perfect obedience to GOD the Father and voluntarily paid the price for the rebellion of mankind that resulted in the curse of sin by dying on the cross as their substitute, thus satisfying divine justice and accomplishing salvation for all who trust in Him alone. JESUS CHRIST rose from the dead in the same body, albeit a heavenly version, in which He lived and died. JESUS CHRIST then went into heaven, and sat down at the right hand of GOD the Father, where He, the only Mediator between God and man, continually makes intercession for His, those who place their faith and trust in Him. JESUS CHRIST shall come again to earth, personally and visibly, to consummate history, judge this world and fulfill the eternal plan of God.

The Ultimate Power: The Spirit Of God

The fundamental and essential characteristic of a relationship with God thru Jesus Christ by faith is LOVE. LOVE for God which is revealed by obedience to God, this is accomplished by believers as they submit to the Spirit of God, the third Person of the Triune Headship. The SPIRIT OF GOD was sent into the world by the Father and the Son to convince mankind of their need for the saving work of Christ. THE SPIRIT OF GOD enlightens the minds of sinners, awakens in them a recognition of their need for a Savior and regenerates them. At the point of salvation, the SPIRIT OF GOD permanently indwells every person and gives them the assurance of their salvation. Additionally the SPIRIT OF GOD gives each believer unique abilities for the interaction with and encouragement of every other believer in the local church. The SPIRIT OF GOD guides believers in understanding and applying the Scripture. HIS power is appropriated by faith, making it possible for the believer to live a life of love and grace and wisdom, in doing so the believer properly represents GOD to those who are searching for the meaning of life.

Sinners Inc.: The Church

When an individual places his or her trust in Jesus Christ for their salvation they immediately become members of His body, THE CHURCH. There is one true CHURCH, universal, comprised of all those who acknowledge Jesus Christ alone as Savior and Lord. The Bible reveals that when a person is saved one of their desires will be to assemble with other believers, the Bible also warns believers of the danger of not assembling together. Therefore believers are to assemble together to devote themselves to worship, prayer and the teaching of the Bible. Additionally to baptize believers as needed and to participate in the ceremony of communion as established by Jesus Christ. Additionally the CHURCH is meant to be a place for fellowship and service to fellow believers through the development and use of “natural” talents and God given abilities (“gifts”), and to proclaim the love of God to a dying world. Wherever God’s people meet regularly in obedience to Biblical instruction; the local church is meant to express the love of God. Under the watchful care of a leader, deacons and elders, its members are to work together in love and unity, intent on the one ultimate purpose of honoring and glorifying God.

Where Are We Going: Mankind’s Future

Each individual person is made in the image of God. God made each person with a triune body: A mind, a physical body and a spiritual body, a triune being. When a person dies, the cessation of all physical activity, they have finished their life on earth but they will live on spiritually either with GOD in HEAVEN or apart from GOD in HELL. Mankind was put on this earth to learn to trust God and place their trust in God thru Jesus the Christ for their salvation. When a person places their trust in Christ as their Savior they are delivered from the curse of sin and its resultant condemnation. For the believer they shall receive a new body, an upgraded heavenly version, complementary to the spiritual body, but superior in every way to this earthly body. When a believer dies the Bible promises they shall live with God eternally, in HEAVEN. For those who rejected Christ as their savior they are judged for their sin and are separated from God for eternity in HELL. God does not want anyone in HELL Jesus died so everyone can live with God eternally in HEAVEN.